My work explores the relationship we have to the natural world, creating artworks that encourage viewers to reflect upon their understanding and observation of the physical world that surrounds us.

It is through painting and bronze work that I am playing with each viewer’s perception of what we think we know, and what we think we are seeing when it comes to familarising ourselves around features of the landscape.

Through subtle layers of paint and conscious mark making, I am able to build up an environment upon the canvas surface, where, I can choose to either reveal a way through the painting, or deny the onlooker the sense of a view.

It might be that you see the moment when a band of cloud lifts to reveal that sense of distance you’ve been waiting for, or perhaps the atmosphere may have compromised the horizon line completely, leaving you searching for something through the haze that will plant your feet back on solid ground.

My work is therefore situated within the realm of immersion, the illusionary and the poetics of space.

Through walking within the landscape I am exposing myself to the elements of weather, light, change in temperature, and sense of scale, that have a continuing effect upon the creation of my work, resulting in a deeper enquiry into the encounter and experience the work has upon the viewer.

It opens up the opportunity for interpretation and discovery. As our eyes wonder over the minimal markings, we are searching for that reference, that familiarity that will determine exactly what we’re standing before, yet, you just might not find one.

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