Zoë Pearce is a Contemporary Landscape Artist from London specialising in painting. 

Through the medium of oil paint, and the action of layering, conscious and experimental marks are built up on the surface capturing elements of natures time and space, atmosphere, changing light, and sense of movement. 

This energy isn’t a response to a specific sense of place but rather a combination of experiences Zoë has had within the landscape itself. 

Derived from her own time spent exploring the environment, becoming exposed to weather, light, change in temperature, distance, and solidarity; Zoë’s work begins to situates itself within the realm of immersion, the sensory and the poetics of space.

It might be that you see the moment when a band of cloud lifts to reveal that sense of distance you’ve been waiting, or perhaps you await the approach of the storm as it builds beyond the horizon, or maybe you’re just left searching for something beyond what you see, but the wall of overcast cloud stops you. 

It opens up the opportunity for interpretation and an emotional reflection of our individual connection each of us has to the natural environment. Through the ability to sit with the work, realisations of a visual performance of feeling and remembering are uncovered and Zoë hopes to invite each viewer to question our existence within natures being and through their own interpretations stimulate their own experiences, thoughts and connections to the paintings. 

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